Signworks – Marketing and Events | MAR 11 – AUG 16

Signworks is a marketing and event agency. The wide range of services on offer ranges from the rental of large advertising space on billboards to the organization of events for both the public and companies to the publication of newspapers as an advertising medium for large events. A special highlight is the construction and sale of a fully automated microbrewery. On the one hand, the entire equipment is sold to pub breweries, on the other hand, beer is brewed under the brand name “Flying Brewery”.


  • Austrian Curling (ice stock sport) – events as an incentive for companies
    Market festival & Harvest Festival Obertrum – an annual public event with more than 30,000 visitors on the last weekend in August
  • Outdoor advertising – rental of large advertising spaces from 50m2 in Austria and Germany
  • Obertrumer Marktpost – In the run-up to the market festival and the opening of the Harvest Festival in Obertrum, the Signworks company publishes a magazine that appears once a year. Circulation: 55,000 copies. Distribution area: Salzburg, Flachgau, Innviertel, Salzkammergut.
  • Flying Brewery – The world’s first fully automated microbrewery is currently being built under the direction of Signworks. The required space is approx. 2m x 6m x 2m. The brew volume is 3.5 hl. A brew takes about 4 hours to run through.