Body-Language-Training with Samy Molcho | SEP 03

Samy Molcho shows what body language really means, and how it works: In professional and business life, between men and women, in the family – body language plays a much greater role in all areas of daily life than we are aware of. 80% of the reactions and decisions of our interlocutors are triggered and made through non-verbal communication. Samy Molcho impressively proves that holistic communication is only possible through understanding body language.

The goal: You learn to recognize the “signals” of the interlocutor more consciously and to assess them correctly in order to be able to organize professional negotiations and conversations as well as relationships particularly successfully.

The content:

  • The body language of your business partners
  • Stimuli and reflexes
  • The gait analysis
  • How do you “act” and what do you “mean”
  • Negotiate, sell, motivate, lead more successfully
  • Increase your persuasiveness
  • Reinforce positive communication
  • Inspire your interlocutors

Samy Molcho Körpersprache (PDF | 84 kB)