| OCT 06 – SEP 09

Three problems – three solutions

The pollution of our environment is progressing steadily despite increased environmental awareness and despite climate programs. The formation of carpools is an ideal way to take environmental protection seriously. Each avoided single trip reduces the emission of CO2 and thus contributes to the improvement of our air and our living space.

The rising gasoline prices leave the mobile person with less and less money in his wallet. With carpooling, drivers can reduce their travel costs through contributions from passengers. On the other hand, passengers can avoid the high costs of alternative means of transport.

The increasing virtualization of our society through the Internet increases the loneliness of many people. We all know weblogs, forums, or chat rooms, write e-mails to our office neighbors to meet us for lunch, but face-to-face conversations are increasingly neglected. In a carpool you can again have „face to face“ conversations and exchange ideas directly with people and not with computers.

In order to make my contribution to solving these three problems, I founded GmbH in October 2006 and sent the portal online. Unfortunately, the commercial success never came and so the platform went offline again at the end of June 2011. The use of the platform by potential drivers and passengers was simply too little.